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8 Fast Facts About Your Tongue

Many people think dentistry, and associate only the teeth with dental services. However, caring for your tongue and the rest of your mouth is also umbrellaed under our job! Here are some fast facts to learn about your tongue:

  1. On average, women have shorter tongues than men do.
  2. There are eight muscles in the human tongue.
  3. The blue whale has largest tongues out of all animals.
  4. Each taste but is equipped to sense each of the five elements of taste perception.
  5. It is a myth that different areas of your tongue detect different tastes.
  6. Brushing your tongue is an important step in and healthy oral routine.
  7. Tongue piercings can chipped teeth and can be potentially dangerous to your airway, so it’s important to think twice before having this done.
  8. Your tongue can be used as a second fingerprint, as it is entirely unique from anyone else.

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