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Save Money Dental Products
Health & Safety
December 14, 2020

Simple Ways to Save Money on Dental Products

A beautiful smile increases confidence and gives other people a good impression about you. Your smile is the first thing other people notice about you. If your teeth are discolored or crooked, for example, it may send the wrong impression. That is why caring for your teeth is so important.…
Healthy Diet For Teeth & Immune System
Health & Safety
December 7, 2020

A Healthy Diet for Your Teeth & Immune System

Good oral hygiene is vital to a healthy smile. However, your healthy diet also influences your teeth and gum health in a big way. Consuming nutritious foods from various food groups ensures optimum dental health. Failure to take care of your oral health may affect the other parts of your…
Best Cleaning Products
Health & Safety
December 1, 2020

Best Cleaning Products For The Home or Office

Keeping a home or office at pristine condition requires thorough cleanings and everyday tidy-ups. Accidents are bound to happen within an office where tens or hundreds of people move in and out daily. Such an office should always have the essential cleaning products to manage occasional stains, spills, or any…
Dental Insurance
Health & Safety
November 16, 2020

Can You Buy Dental Insurance on Your Own?

When your oral health is at its peak, you can be sure that your general health is also at its best. However, that is dependent on how often you visit your dentists for oral check-ups. Keeping your teeth healthy will give you more than peace of mind. Even though everyone…
Foods Immune System
Health & Safety
November 9, 2020

What Foods Help The Immune System?

A strong immune system will react quickly to a cut or scrape. It can also help you prevent a bad cold turning into bronchitis or pneumonia. While a healthy immune system can't prevent every infection, boosting your immune system by adjusting your diet is a way to support all of…
Types Of Dental Sedation
Sedation Dentistry
February 17, 2020

Common Types Of Dental Sedation

We at Imagine Dental know that lots of our patients are nervous of visiting the dentist for any reason. This includes our youngest patients, who may find their first visit to the dentist’s office to be especially scary. The good news is that we have embraced sedation dentistry, a safe…
Sedation Dentistry Side Effects
Sedation Dentistry
February 10, 2020

Sedation Dentistry Procedures & Side Effects

For some people, a trip to the dentist is the cause for crippling anxiety. In certain instances, such trepidation can reach such paralyzing extremes that the individuals in question might avoid it altogether. Said actions could exert a significantly adverse impact upon their oral health. Fortunately, these unfortunate circumstances might…