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Causing Bad Breath

What Is Causing My Bad Breath?

By | Oral Health, Oral Hygiene

Bad breath stinks, literally and figuratively. However, it isn’t always caused by eating stinky foods like garlic or cheese it’s. It can actually be caused by a multitude of things. Cigarettes & Alcohol Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are 2 huge causes. Since both dry out your mouth, you are at higher risk for having unhealthy gums, which can lead…

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Effects Of Tobacco

The Effects Of Tobacco Use On Your Teeth

By | Teeth Whitening

Every year, around 500,000 people die from the effects of tobacco.┬áMany people know that smoking leads to lung cancer, but less known are the damages that chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes do to your oral health. The Effects Besides leading to multiple potentially fatal diseases, smoking and chewing also lead to stained teeth, bad breath, unhealthy gums, and many other…

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3 Facts On Flossing

By | Teeth Cleaning

Flossing takes a huge part in your overall dental health. Without it, over a third of your teeth’s surfaces are not being cleaned. Gross, huh? The more you know, the better you will be able to take care of your oral health, something we’re very passionate about here at Imagine Dental, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 3…

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Fluoride Help

How Does Fluoride Help My Teeth?

By | Oral Health, Oral Hygiene, Teeth Cleaning

Whenever you are shopping for new toothpaste, you will undoubtedly see “with fluoride” strewn about the packaging of the tubes. This, for many toothpaste companies, is their go-to marketing technique. What is it though, and what does it do for your teeth? What Is Fluoride? Fluoride is the mineral that helps maintain the enamel on your teeth. During the day,…

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Fun Facts Mouth

10 Fun Facts About Your Mouth!

By | Oral Health

Here at Imagine Dental, we think your teeth and all that goes into your oral health is interesting! No one’s mouth is the same, and that fascinates us here at Imagine. However, these fun facts are true for everyone. Take a second to learn 10 amazing facts about your mouth here!

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