Favorite Toothpastes

Our Favorite Toothpastes & Where To Buy Them

By Oral Hygiene

Dozens of toothpaste brands and formulations promise they’re better than the next. We want the best for our teeth, so choosing an option is sometimes a greater challenge than we ever anticipated. Which product really delivers its promises and protects the teeth? Are those added benefits really improving the product?…

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Dental Braces

5 Common Types Of Dental Braces

By Orthodontics

Gaining an ideal smile is faster and easier than ever thanks to modern orthodontic equipment options. Today’s orthodontic approaches aren’t just about achieving a desired result. The entire process is also very customizable, which allows each child, teen, adult, or senior to make wearing braces fit seamlessly into their individual…

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Owning A Dental Implant

Owning A Dental Implant: What’s Involved?

By Dental Implants

Receiving a dental implant can help individuals overcome embarrassing aesthetic oral issues or, in some cases, regain the ability to perform vital activities such as talking and eating. Imagine Dental, which provides family dentistry services to the residents of Ahwatukee and the greater metro Phoenix, Arizona regions, invites our current…

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