Sedation Dentistry Side Effects

Sedation Dentistry Procedures & Side Effects

By Sedation Dentistry

For some people, a trip to the dentist is the cause for crippling anxiety. In certain instances, such trepidation can reach such paralyzing extremes that the individuals in question might avoid it altogether. Said actions could exert a significantly adverse impact upon their oral health. Fortunately, these unfortunate circumstances might…

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Improve Your Smile

Improve Your Smile With These Easy Tips

By Oral Health

If there is one thing that other people notice about you, it’s your smile. The appearance of your smile says a lot about you. A bright, healthy smile can boost confidence levels. Unfortunately, a smile that’s less than healthy can have a negative effect. Although it may take some time,…

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Smile Correction

6 Popular Smile Correction Procedures

By Cosmetic Dentistry

If you aren’t happy about the appearance of your smile, then you should consider a variety of smile correction procedures at the dental office. Having an ugly smile can affect your self-esteem, and also, other people react differently to you when you have an attractive facial appearance. By fixing some…

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Hiding Your Smile

Are You Still Hiding Your Smile?

By Orthodontics

In middle school, you might have kept your mouth closed on picture day because you had braces. As the teenagers years continued on, perhaps you had some angst, thereby depleting the smile from your face. Now, however, you want to smile yet still finding yourself hiding it. If you’re still…

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Favorite Toothpastes

Our Favorite Toothpastes & Where To Buy Them

By Oral Hygiene

Dozens of brands and formulations of toothpastes promise they’re better than the next. We want the best for our teeth, so choosing an option is sometimes a greater challenge than we ever anticipated. Which product really delivers its promises and protects the teeth? Are those added benefits really improving the…

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