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Emergency Dentistry

Dental Emergency
Emergency Dentistry
August 19, 2019

What Qualifies A Dental Emergency?

While many aches and pains can plague the teeth and gums throughout our lives, it's important to know exactly which kinds of injuries warrant dental emergency care. Accidents know no time of the day or night, but wouldn't we all like to spare ourselves the unnecessary late night trip to…
Problems With Dental Fillings
Emergency Dentistry
August 5, 2019

Dental Fillings: Common Problems & Solutions

Despite our best efforts, which include regular dental checkups, brushing twice per day, and flossing, many of us will still develop dental caries (cavities). Fortunately, these problems can be easily remedied with amalgam or composite (tooth-colored) dental fillings. While both of these fillings are highly durable, there is a chance…