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Oral Hygiene

Causing Bad Breath

What Is Causing My Bad Breath?

By | Oral Hygiene

Bad breath stinks, literally and figuratively. However, it isn’t always caused by eating stinky foods like garlic or cheese it’s. It can actually be caused by a multitude of things. Cigarettes & Alcohol Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are 2 huge causes. Since both dry out your mouth, you are…

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Fluoride Help

How Does Fluoride Help My Teeth?

By | Oral Hygiene

Whenever you are shopping for new toothpaste, you will undoubtedly see “with fluoride” strewn about the packaging of the tubes. This, for many toothpaste companies, is their go-to marketing technique. What is it though, and what does it do for your teeth? What Is Fluoride? Fluoride is the mineral that…

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