Our offices have always been among the safest places to be in terms of cleanliness and sanitation. We are continuing to be diligent with strict screening measures and stringent infection control prevention protocols while providing our patients and staff members ease of mind during dental visits and procedures.

Our sanitization, infection control protocols and social distancing measures include the following:

  • Asking all patients to fill out any necessary paperwork online prior to their appointment. Our office has gone paperless to avoid any back and fourth of items. All requested information can be sent to each offices email below:
  • Asking patients to wait in their vehicles until they are ready to be seen to avoid waiting areas. Our waiting rooms are closed at this time for waiting inside prior to appointments or during scheduled surgeries.
  • Requiring anyone entering the offices to wear a facemask and ensuring they are a minimum of 6 ft. apart when not receiving dental treatment
  • Taking and recording all staff members temperatures prior to each shift, to ensure only healthy personnel are treating patients
  • Taking temperatures and guiding patients to hand washing stations upon entering offices and instructing patients to rinse with iodine or Listerine prior to treatments to kill viruses and bacteria
  • Requiring doctors and medical staff to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times
  • Thoroughly and regularly cleaning all surfaces in offices that can be exposed to infection between patients
  • Requiring symptomatic patients to reschedule appointments to later dates
  • Only scheduled patients will be allowed in the exam room for appointment. If a patient is a minor they will be allowed one parent to escort them to their appointment. Otherwise only our scheduled patients receiving treatment will be allowed in the back.

In addition, our offices have large and wide-open offices, with plenty of exam rooms where patients and staff members are comfortable practicing social distancing. These protocols result in our offices being one of the safest spaces for dental treatment.

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