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What Is Teeth Cleaning?

A professional teeth cleaning is performed by a hygienist at the dentist’s office. The hygienist uses tools to gently remove plaque. They remove tartar that is both above and below where the gum meets the tooth. These are most often hardened tartar deposits that can’t be removed by routine cleaning at home.

Teeth cleanings can be done in a single session. It’s often recommended that you get one done at least every six months, but it depends on how healthy your teeth and gums are and your daily hygiene habits at home.

No matter how often you go in for a cleaning, you should always be taking care of your teeth at home. While there are some problems that regular brushing and flossing can’t fix, there are a lot of oral health problems that can be solved just by taking better care of yourself.

The first dentist in my 40 year life, I actually felt comfortable at.ALSO for the first time, I scheduled my next cleaning right after I was done.YEAH!!!

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Is Your Smile As Clean As It Can Be?

Keeping your teeth clean isn’t just good for your mouth: It’s good for your whole body. Oral health problems like gum disease can cause infections and health complications that can affect the rest of your body. Keeping your teeth clean doesn’t just keep your smile looking neat and your breath smelling fresh: It’s keeping you safe and sound.

Why Is Teeth Cleaning So Important?

Teeth cleaning helps prevents cavities from forming, and by removing tartar it helps reduce the risk of developing gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gum disease can have a serious impact on your immune system, weakening the rest of your body and making you vulnerable to infections and other diseases. As the tartar spreads it causes bone and tissue loss, and in worst case scenarios could lead to strokes, heart attacks, and even outbreaks of dementia. Keeping your mouth tartar free is in your best interest, and it’s not something that you can do by yourself. Let Imagine Dental help.

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